Bringing Harmony to your Life & Working Space

Harmony is the experience of things that go together well.  The perfectly organized lyrics and melody of your favorite songs bring harmony into your life.  That order, its rhythm and flow, has a way of restoring order within you.  Similarly, when your living and work space are in harmony, you will experience a greater sense of:

  • calm
  • renewed energy
  • and focus

...resulting in a more productive, efficient and inspired environment...

music is organized sound - quote from Edgard Varese

Organizing Your Stuff so you can focus on Life and Business

Remove and Move On

Sometimes that new story is a life transition that becomes a mathematical equation:

“I have 20 years worth of stuff in my 2,000-square foot home, and I’m moving to a 800-square foot apartment. How am I going to decide what stays and what goes?”

Decide to De-clutter

Sometimes that new story is a personal resolution:

“I can’t think anymore with all this stuff!  I need to get rid of what I don’t need, and get a plan in place to organize.”

You're invested in your stuff.

The Organizing Coach is invested in you.

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